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Tackling any legal issue unfolds as it does on a chessboard: the chess metaphor demonstrates the way in which all of the people at SCF Law Firm are at the service of the client in realising the strategy which we have planned together.

Every single professional at SCF Law Firm carries out a precise role, in exactly the same way as occurs on the chessboard with the bishop, the rook and the knight, that is, the pieces traditionally used to open up and strategically control the chessboard. SCF Law Firm therefore aims to be a single and reliable point of reference for its clients, to which they can turn to evaluate, research and resolve any issue either professional or personal.

To assure these results, the firm offers the certainty of finding highly specialised professionals with proven academic, professional and corporate experience. In order to assure the maintenance of a constant and high level of professional development, SCF Law Firm has adopted an internal system of tutoring for the identification and implementation of individual growth paths.

The firm is a member of ELF European Law Firms, a network of 29 European law firms, which guarantees a privileged international viewpoint. This is useful both for the implementation of professional development, and in order to be able to assist clients in their internationalisation plans.

It is in the combination of true professionalism and concrete action that SCF Law Firm finds its real purpose and uniqueness.